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Это сборка различных дополнительных инструментов для управления нормалями вершин.

Вот некоторые из них:

Edge smoothing (hard/soft edges and smoothing groups).
Weighting of vertex normals (area and/or angle, or full).
Calculating more accurate normals for non-planar polygons than MODO does natively.
Transferring normals from background to foreground mesh.
Transferring morph map values to normal map values.

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Что исправлено в данной версии:

- Fixed the "smooth other" option for the harden commands. Sorry about that.

- Added option to sum the weights of coplanar polygons for area weighting, also exposed a tolerance value for it.
- Added option to harden polygon UV boundaries. This acts differently to the harden edge UV boundaries, and gives the same effect as the "Smoothing Group from UV Shells" of 3DSMax plugins like Textools and PolyUnwrapper.
- Added an extra argument to all harden commands, which will soften all other edges. You can activate this by CTRL+clicking on the interface buttons.
- By default, the harden and soften buttons are now mode sensitive.
- In vertex mode, harden/soften will harden/soften any edges with both ends selected (SHIFT+click to have it harden/soften any edge connected to the selected vertices).
- In edge mode, it works as before, hardens/softens selected edges.
- In polygon mode, it works as before, hardens/softens the boundary of the current polygon selection.
- The harden UV button is also now mode sensitive.
- In edge mode, it will perform the original uv-boundaries-to-hard-edges.
- In polygon mode, it will perform the smoothing-group-per-island style of smoothing.
- Simplified the UI as a result of the mode sensitive arguments.
- Convert/Toggle commands are now on the ALT/CTRL click of the Update button.
- Revamped icons, as I lost the source PSD for the old ones :P
Note: If preferred, you can still call the harden/soften commands explicitly, using the (optional) arguments of soften/harden:{vert/edge/poly/uv/edgeuv/polyuv/angle} connected:{true/false} (note: connected only has an effect when dealing with vertex modes) and soften:{true/false} will soften all others when using a harden command.

Описание установки

<p>Installation:<br /> Drag and drop farfarer_vnorm.lpk into your Modo viewport.<br /> <br /> WARNING: IF YOU HAVE INSTALLED A VERSION PREVIOUS TO 2.5 PLEASE DELETE THE OLD VERSION!<br /> &nbsp; Delete "farfarer_vnorm" directory from your MODO Scripts folder, if it exists.<br /> &nbsp; If you are unsure where the MODO Scripts folder is, you can open MODO, then select System &gt; Open Scripts Folder, then close MODO.</p> <p>Issues:<br /> WINDOWS:<br /> &nbsp; If MODO throws an error saying "The program can't start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer.":<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; Close MODO.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; Download and install the "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013":<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; Load up MODO.<br /> OSX:<br /> &nbsp; None known at the moment.</p>


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Так модо и выругался на размещение контента. Много чего не работает без контента. Но если быть совсем точным, то у каждого контент может лежать где кто его пложит. А у китов пути свои... и если вдруг пути по умолчанию отсутствуют, то и примеры китовские не найдут место для жизни.


Если установлена последняя версия модо, то надо китовый index.cfg поправить, чтобы модо мог его читать, типа, как-то так:

<configuration kit="farfarer_vnorm_901" version="2.74" and="rel]901">